Capturing reality for the future

I often picture my city from 30 years ago. And sometime regret not taking photos I could have taken back then. Times have changed, the city has changed, I have changed. But now taking pictures is not a difficult task anymore, and it's hard to justify not improving your skill, regardless of whether you are an amateur photographer taking photos of your family and the flowers in your garden, or aspiring at world fame through reporting events in conflict zones or disaster areas. My focus is on neither, but I am taking steps every day to improve the way I show the world through pictures. 

Hop along this adventure with me.

My gear

I started with a then classic russian camera called Smena.

Moved to the so called "soap holders" as the digital age started. Then moved to a Canon Rebel Xt, the 350d.

Next up was the Canon EOS 7D, which I still use, alongside a Fujifilm X-T3, which is my new favorite.

Modus Operandi

Below you can find a selection of photos I am found of. Most of them are slightly edited in Capture One or Lightroom, but mostly low-effort corrections of light and color. You might find a few HDR photos here as well, but they are mostly "accidental" rather than planned. People tend to appreciate and find them visually pleasing, although they are quite far from reality.

Like what you see?

Most of my photos are available for licensing. Feel free to get in touch or simply browse.

Should you like my work in principle, feel free to get in touch and ask for a customized photo shoot, to address your visual needs for either artistic or commercial purposes.

I do work for fame-only on occasion, but I don't do it on demand, so please don't ask.

• • •

Lucian Ruda Photography