Romanian holidays ideas by the Guardian

The Guardian has put up an article about some places in Romanian that would make for a nice holiday. Among the suggestions you can find Bucharest, The Carpathian Mountains, Castles, the Ice Hotel, Transylvanian Towns, the Danube Delta, the painted monasteries and Maramures. You can […] more

A sister site: Inspired by Romania

I am writing to let you know there’s  sister site, Inspired by Romania, where i am inviting you all to contribute and share. The website is dedicate to identifying and sharing good Romanian related resources that inspire you in liking, if not loving Romania. The […] more

Sorin Ionescu, a friend for Romania

Sorin’s business is to promote other people businesses. To understand the MasterMind in Business Networking marketing concept, that we use to leverage your promotion results and your Net Promoter Score, you can write him a few words by email or simply call him. We fully admit that the good […] more

Minor website issues

We are having some minor layout issues generated by our theme, so if you’re into wordpress and you want to suggest a stylish keep-it-simple magazine theme, you are most welcome to do so. more

Promote your business here

… and it gets featured in front of more than 2000 members of our LinkedIn group. We’ve decided to enable this method to allow group members as well as non-members to display their business opportunities, as well as promotions and advertised products and services. This […] more

A friend of Romania – Rodger

Rodger is a Brit and he is living in Romania since 2004. He is married to a Romanian and together they run a B&B in Campulung Muscel. He admits that it is probably true to say he is a friend of Romania, and for the […] more

Why not blog here yourself

“FOR” invites you to join by creating an account. Once you are registered as a member you may contact us using the website features to request a new blog to be created. Your blog will be available with its individual address such as share […] more

Find us on Facebook too…

As requested, we are now present on FaceBook as well.   Feel free to join the cause and see what we’re up to on Facebook. more

Friends of Romania on twitter

We’re now present on twitter. Feel free to follow us on twitter for rare (but prompt) announcements. more

Hello FOR!

Welcome to Friends of Romania is a LinkedIn open group for all users that seek to network or make connections with people interested in Romania and Romanian connections. It is a group for Romanian citizens but also non-citizens that are somehow linked to Romania, enabling […] more

Reinstall and full restart.

We’ve reinstalled the infrastructure for the website portal and we’re restarting with the full content. Look forward to interesting developments… more